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In the Spiegel and Handelsblatt, the news was published today that the proportion of green electricity in Germany had risen in 2018 above 40 percent for the first time ever.
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Energy 2018

German Energy Landscape 2018

We are pleased to confirm the statement on the basis of our data and, if necessary, to be able to go into more detail! In addition to the energy data collected in Germany, we have also analysed the electricity mixes of other European countries in 2018. The individual overviews can be found in the gallery below. Norway has the highest share of renewable energies in the electricity mix with a share of over 95 percent. This figure does not include energy imports.
Another country with a high share of renewable energies is Austria with over 80% of the electricity mix.

Other countries considered are France (~25%), Spain (~40%), Poland (~10%) and Sweden (~55%). Poland in particular relies to a large extent on coal.

Werusys collects and uses the real-time data of the energy landscape for presentation purposes of our energy management and advanced analytics solutions. The data are collected in the OSIsoft PI-System and evaluated and presented by means of Seeq and R in our products . The transparency platform ENTSOE serves as the data source.

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