The Huber publishing house for new media awards with the industry price 2018 particularly advanced industrial products.

ES-FLEX-INFRA wins Industriepreis 2018 „Best of“!

The ES-FLEX-INFRA product enables utilities and service providers to manage load shifts through integration of energy storage in an industrial and urban infrastructure. ES-FLEX-INFRA is a cross-energy management system that has been integrated into a software tool as a joint product of RNG, Fraunhofer SCAI of the TH Cologne and Werusys Industrieinformatik to integrate the complex physical models and practical mathematical methods of the individual energy sectors into a software tool Optimization solution Network planner supported in the design and operation of plants for conversion, locations and storage.

ES-FLEX-INFRA Projektbeschreibung

Project partners:

ES-Flex-Infra Fraunhofer SCAI