Customized PI Vision Controls

We offer various products for the OSIsoft PI system. These include, in addition to various services, also customized PI Vision Controls which can be installed directly in Pi Vision and then easily inserted into the already existing PI system and like the standard models (line diagrams, gauges, etc.) can be created and configured directly in the browser.

PI-Vision Screenshot

PI-Vision Control

On request we create such add-ons perfectly tailored to your needs or you can choose from our already existing assortment which can be found in the Pi Marketplace. You can also find examples directly on this website. (Downtime Management )

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An example of such a control is the Downtime Management developed by us. With this control, we offer you downtime management in PI Vision as a control that can be added quickly. This is because advanced planning is based on the planning of downtimes in production. There are planned and unplanned downtimes, but the most important production KPI to determine the OEE (“Overall Equipment Effectiveness”) is also part of the analysis through loss cascades. Getting this data is usually one of the main problems. This is where the PI system in combination with our Control comes in. Because of the easy usability we enable you to get this data with a few clicks directly in your browser in form of an interactive timeline.

Our “Downtime Management” supports the customer with:

  • Automated collection of downtime and uptime information,
  • Adding the reasons for downtime,
  • Clear monitoring (Gantt Chart) directly in PI-Vision,
  • Provision of analyses (tables, waterfall diagram) in PI-Vision,
  • Management tool to manage the loss cascade
Downtime Management Grafik

Downtime Management Grafik

Downtime Management Flyer Montage 1.1 print

OSIsoft PI System

With the PI System, you move from complex to simple, from asset and process insights to operational intelligence. The PI System’s highly scalable, open data infrastructure provides organizations with real-time functionality, enabling the transformation of operational data into actionable insights and business transformation.

For more information about the OSIsoft Pi system visit: OSIsoft Pi System

PI Vision

PI Vision is a web interface that gives you easy access to your data from the PI system. And this is exactly where we come in. PI Vision offers the possibility to add self-developed extensions to the already included controls. This is where we come in. We offer you add-ons for PI Vision that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. So you get the most out of your data.