Project Description

SynergyVision MES –
Manufacturing Execution System

SynergyVision MES – Manufacturing Execution System

SynergyVision is a modern production management system (Manufacturing Execution System, MES) with integrated management functions that offers a vertical flow of information from the shop floor through production planning (ERP) to the production control level.

Through access to production data – both in real time and in historical evaluations – information on efficiency, capacity utilization, quantity balances and availability of the plants are finally also available for production optimization – either through the own evaluation options of the werusys product (Manufacturing Intelligence) or through upload to business management systems such as SAP. SynergyVision communicates via IDoc, MII and RFC with SAP systems.

Quality Management:

Batch tracking permits, for example in the event of a complaint, meticulous tracking of the production site, raw materials and additives, transport routes and storage (cf. GMP-compliant batch tracking).

MES-Struktur des synergy:vision

MES-Struktur des synergy:vision

In addition to the classic real-time production information, SynergyVision is able to aggregate the information and process it as key production figures. SynergyVision supports typical management functions:

  • Present and manage company goals as strategic or operational goals in a balanced scorecard
  • Recognize deviations from the (annual) target in good time and send automatic, role-based notifications
  • Provide potentials for continuous improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act) through action and audit management
  • Key figure display (KPI, EnPI) in management dashboards
  • Easily create or customize reports using the built-in report generator
  • Management of reports and other documents in an integrated document management system (DMS)
  • Access to Business Intelligence functions via an integrated interface (Infozoom server, Microsoft BI, Spotfire, Tableau)
  • Mapping of workflows in the form of digital workflows.

The SynergyVision portal is also compatible with Microsoft SharePoint servers.

Modules for e.g. runtime tracking, capacity planning, downtime management including maintenance planning, recipe management but also optionally a full LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) enable significant increases in efficiency. Just by avoiding manual multiple – and above all faulty – test value recording, the costs for the SynergyVision license and implementation for werusys customers have often been amortized within a very short time.

Making synergy potentials (tangible): The process data of all existing control systems as well as the MES key figures can be visualized individually, for example document level, throughput, OEE index (Overall Equipment Efficiency), rejection rate, etc. This makes the fully web-based SynergyVision a valuable and popular tool for both production staff and management.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has SynergyVision on its “list of eligible energy management software“.

Technical requirements

SynergyVision is a web application based on .NET. This programming model is server-based, so that only one installation of the system on a server is necessary at a time. If the workstations of the clients have been configured accordingly, SynergyVision can be started from there via the web browser. Updates only need to be installed on the server.

  • OSIsoft RLink – Production orders and inspection lots are planned in the SAP system and transferred to the SFS via the bidirectional RLink interface after release for detailed planning.
  • OSIsoft PI Server – Real-time production data is archived or processed in the data archive of the PI server.
  • SynergyVision – The production data is processed by MES, concentrated in data technology and presented in a web application.


Key Performance Indicator

Application example: Optimization of the operation mode of a pharmaceutical company’s own power plant. In contrast to the operation of conventional power plants, the so-called “media requirements” of power plants, especially in the research environment, are hardly predictable in the medium term. For example, at the end of a complex series of tests, electrical energy is suddenly no longer required; compressed air or water is used instead. In addition, there are daily prices for gas, heating oil and the external purchase of electricity. Electricity can also be sold.

A first step towards optimisation has already been achieved by werusys for the customer through the visualisation of some power plant characteristics (e.g. efficiencies) alone. This makes it easy to compare the current (green) and the previous year’s operating curves (blue). The insertion of the current operating point (red dot) leads to a special clarity: At a glance, the responsible persons can see whether the system is currently operated better than in the previous year or where there is optimisation potential.

SynergyVision KPI