Project Description

WatchIt –
Visualization of process data


The software solution for measurement and trend analysis WatchIt™ from werusys has proven itself since 1992 as a cost-effective archiving and visualization tool for the use in scenarios with a small to medium number of measuring points at several companies in the process industry in continuous operation. Since 2012, we have additionally optimized and renovated WatchIt™ for use as a quality tool for certification and proof of compliance with quality-relevant parameters (KPIs) including dashboard and trends.

If the visualization shows that readjustments are necessary, for example due to an error in the limit values, this can be done conveniently.

The clearly structured industrial software uses Windows authentication (ActiveDirectory etc.) by default.

WatchIt 4

WatchIt 4 represents the consistent further development of the proven WatchIt system. Thanks to its innovative system architecture, it makes its contribution to modern, trend-based archive and online visualisation.


The interface to automation is primarily the industry-wide OPC standard, which is supported by DA (Data Access), HDA (Historical Data Access) and the current UA (Unified Architecture). watch:it is used on systems that supply data from up to 100.000 measuring points at intervals of seconds.

It does not matter whether the process control system is from Siemens, Yokogawa, ABB or other manufacturers; most of these manufacturers already include the OPC server functionality in their systems.


Unlike previous versions, the data is no longer stored in a proprietary file format, but in a Microsoft SQL database. Compression techniques are used to keep the size of the database to a minimum.

Alternative database systems such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL can also be supported with a minimum of effort.

Flexible Client

Die Client-Anwendung ist eine moderne WPF-Anwendung. The client application is a modern WPF application. It exists as a Windows application (Click Once) and as an application executed in the browser. Both are hosted via a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), so that updates can be provided centrally and quickly.


Configuration A

Tag-Volume: = 4 GB RAM
Description: Data services, application server and database on one computer

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • low costs for hardware and SQL license

  • low performance of SQL Server Express (maximum 1 GB RAM)

Tag-Volume: <= 2.500 Database: Microsoft SQL Server Standard Computer: 2 Server – Application- und Serviceserver, – SQL-Server with >= 16 GB Ram
Description: Separation Application- and Serversite

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Higher Performance

  • Data can be temporarily stored on application servers during SQL server maintenance

  • Cost SQL-Server-Licence

Configuration C

Tag-Volume: >2.500
Database: Microsoft SQL Server Standard
Rechner: 2-3 Server
– Serviceserver (Standard), zwei Networkcards),
– SQL-Server mit >= 64 GB Ram
– Applicationserver (IIS)
Description: Data services, application server and database on one computer

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • High Performance

  • Costs SQL license and hardware

The WatchIt system can of course also be installed on existing systems alongside other applications.