Seeq and Werusys

On Tuesday 16.10. we were pleased to welcome our partner Seeq. Together with our colleagues from Seeq we were able to see the capabilities of Seeq and learn with support. Some of us had already taken advantage of the online training courses offered by Seeq in advance and obtained certification, so we went to the workshop with previous knowledge.

Seeq Workshop Köln

Zusammenhang Windenergie zu Erneuerbaren Energien

After a short introduction we immediately started to familiarize ourselves with the example data. When the basic knowledge was learned, the first use cases for the chemical industry were developed and how we can best support our customers with the help of Seeq. Interested? View: Seeq Integration

With Seeq, we have a very powerful analysis tool at our fingertips with which enormously large data sets can be easily analyzed and evaluated. The database was provided by the OSIsoft PI system. As internal test data we have taken the energy production in Germany and although the amount of data seemed incredibly large it was no problem to create complex analyses. We were able to easily find out when how much solar power was generated and as an easy to recognize pattern we were able to find out the time of day when the sun was shining. ;-)

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