PI System Integration

As a leading official partner of OSIsoft (“System Integrator”) in Germany, we can help our customers integrate one of the most potent real-time infrastructures in the global deployment – the OSIsoft PI system. Our core competence ranges from simple production monitoring to real-time business intelligence based on machine learning. As a new area of activity we are currently developing the development of self-created PI Vision Controls and self-developed websites based on the PI System.

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PI System

With the OSIsoft PI System, you can switch from complex to simple, from plant and process views to operational intelligence. PI Systems’ highly scalable, open data infrastructure provides enterprises with real-time functionality and enables the transformation of operational data into actionable intelligence and business transformation.

The PI system collects, analyzes and visualizes large volumes of data from multiple sources. Data is imported via one of the more than 450 existing data interfaces. With the PI system, it is possible for our customers to cut costs and discover new sources of revenue. As a certified PI integrator, we guide you through the entire process of introducing the PI system. The flexibility of the PI System allows you to create solutions tailored to your needs, providing you with the highest added value.

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Data analysis with SEEQ

After 25 years supporting our customers in the development, installation and operation of real-time infrastructure, our new mission is to bring the benefits of Big Data insights and analytics to every customer. We love solving business problems for ridiculously huge and complex datasets, but if you do not have the right tools and methods, you have a problem yourself. That’s why we work with Seeq to strengthen our CRISP-DM methodology. To put it another way: “Data analytics is the power and Seeq is our sword”. This makes it possible to search, filter and evaluate the data.

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before (Franz Kafka).

PI application development

In addition to the already existing products which all easily use and extend the OSIsoft PI system as data base, we also offer you the possibility of new applications for and with to develop them. This includes stand-alone applications but also easily accessible via the browser web pages which provide their data in the simplest possible way.

PI Vision Controls

We offer various products for the OSIsoft PI System. In addition to various services, these include customized PI Vision Controls which can be installed directly in Pi Vision and then easily integrate into the existing PI system and create the standard models (line diagrams, gauges, etc.) directly in the browser and configure.

PI Vision

PI Vision is a web interface that gives you easy access to your data from the PI system. And that’s exactly where we start. PI Vision offers the possibility to add self-developed extensions to the controls already included. Here we start. We offer them perfectly to their requirements, specially developed PI Vision add-ons for them. So they get the most out of their data.