The Werusys PI Vision Suite

We offer various products for the OSIsoft PI system. In addition to various services, this also includes our PI Vision Suite. With the help of the PI Vision Suite, you receive new PI Vision Controls or PI Vision Symbols, which can be installed directly in PI Vision and then easily inserted into the already existing PI system and can be created and configured directly in the browser like the standard models.

If the PI Vision Suite is not sufficient for you, we will develop customised PI Vision Controls for you and add them to the PI Vision Suite.

Your advantages of the subscription

  • Regular updates
  • All controls are adapted to your PI Vision version and kept up to date.
  • Influence on the next controls to be added to the PI Vision Suite
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PI Vision

PI Vision is a web interface that gives you easy access to your data from the PI system. With the PI System, you move from complex to simple, from plant and process insights to operational intelligence. The PI System’s highly scalable, open data infrastructure provides organisations with real-time functionality, enabling the transformation of operational data into actionable insights and business transformation. PI Vision offers the possibility to add self-developed extensions to the already included controls. This is where we come in. We offer you add-ons for PI Vision that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. This way you get the most out of your data.

PI Vision Suite Controls/Symbols



The Auto Reloader reloads the PI Vision at regular and configurable intervals. This makes it possible, for example, to prevent manual intervention in the vicinity of a control room if the connection is lost after a long browser session.

Seeq Visual Workbench

Seeq Visual Workbench provides users with direct access to predefined Seeq Workbench analyses and organizer dashboards. This allows PI Vision users to equally take advantage of Seeq and PI Vision.

Seeq analyses can be seamlessly embedded into any PI Vision display and automatically adjust to the selected PI Vision time interval.

Seeq PI Vision Dashboard
Seeq Ad-Hoc Analyzer PI Vision

Seeq Ad-Hoc Analyzer

The Seeq Ad-Hoc Analyzer allows the user to further investigate any PI Vision Display directly in Seeq and gather new insights. Based on the selected PI Vision Display, a Seeq Workbench analysis is created and can be further investigated directly in Seeq.


The Gauge is a beautiful and easily customisable control for displaying the current value of an attribute. The PI tag displayed can be adjusted by dragging and dropping the corresponding PI attribute.


Multi Signal Gauge

The multi-signal gauge can be used to display multiple values for different assets at the same time. As with the standard gauge, PI tags can be added by dragging and dropping the appropriate PI attribute.

Bar Graph

The bar chart represents categorical data with rectangular bars whose height or length is proportional to the values they represent. The bars can be drawn vertically or horizontally. The user can add new signals using PI Vision’s normal drag-and-drop interface.



The Doughnut Chart widget allows data to be visualised in a doughnut chart. The widget can be configured to show the percentage of each value.

Pie Chart

The pie chart widget enables the visualisation of data in a pie chart. The widget can be configured to show the percentage of each value.

PI Vision Suite - Pie Chart
PI Vision Suite- Radar Chart

Radar Plot

The radar plot makes it possible to visualise several attributes at different points in time. The point in time to be compared can be freely configured.

Heat Map

The heat map creates a graphical representation of data using a colour coding system to represent different values. The user can select different statistics to be displayed for each time window.

PI Vision Suite- Heat Map
PI Vision Suite- Box Plot

Box Plot

The boxplot (also known as box and whisker chart) can be used to visually display the distribution of numerical data and skewness by showing the data quartiles (or percentiles) and averages. It is possible to add multiple PI attributes by dragging and dropping.

Manual Data Entry

The PI Vision Manual Data Entry control allows manual entry on definable PI Tags. The displayed PI tags are freely selectable and configurable. Furthermore, the number and sampling rate of the last acquired values can be set.

PI Vision Manual Data Entry
PI Vision Suite- Loss Kaskade

Asset Evaluation/ KPI / Loss Kaskade

The loss cascade summarises the different downtime codes in your installations and calculates the time the installation has spent in the different downtime codes.


Display of AF event frames in a Gantt chart, according to the time range displayed.

Allows the user to add customised information to event frames.

PI Vision Suite- Gantt Chart


An example of such a control is the Downtime Management we have developed. With this control, we offer you downtime management in PI Vision as a control that can be added quickly. Because advanced planning is based on the planning of downtimes in production. There are planned and unplanned downtimes, but determining the most important production KPI the OEE (“Overall Equipment Effectiveness”) is also part of the analysis through loss cascades. Getting this data is usually one of the main problems. This is where the PI system in combination with our control comes in. Due to the ease of use, we enable you to receive this data with a few clicks directly in your browser in the form of an interactive timeline.

Our “Downtime Management” supports the customer with:

    • Automated collection of downtime and uptime information,
    • Adding the reasons for downtime,
    • Clear monitoring (Gantt chart) directly in PI-Vision,
    • Provision of analyses (tables, waterfall diagram) in PI-Vision,
    • Management tool to manage the loss cascade
Downtime Management Grafik

Downtime Management Grafik

Downtime Management Flyer Montage 1.1 print

PI Vision Suite- Downtime Management

PI Vision High-Availability (PI Vision Suite Add-On)

Your PI Vision displays are used in a control room and a failure of the monitoring of your system should be prevented at all costs?


Then the PI Vision High-Availability Add-On for the Werusys PI Vision Suite is exactly what you need. The add-on manages your PI Vision displays in a redundant system and automatically detects if one of your PI Vision servers is shut down or no longer accessible.

PI Vision Suite- High Availabilitypng