Advanced Analytics für das OSIsoft PI System

Full integration and complementary skills

Seeq is redefining how you work with OSIsoft (Aveva) PI System data to find and share insights that improve processes and business outcomes.

Benefits include:

  • Predictive, diagnostic and descriptive insights that would have taken days or weeks in spreadsheets can be gained in minutes with Seeq.
  • Investments in all OSIsoft PI System Services are leveraged by Seeq, including Asset Framework, PI Notifications, and insight distribution through PI Vision.
  • Seeq supports all PI implementation architectures for assets or enterprises on-premise, in the cloud, or for enterprises looking to consolidate PI data in the new OCS offering.

At each of the recent PI World conferences in the U.S. and Europe, joint OSIsoft and Seeq customers have demonstrated how they can get even more value from their OSIsoft PI data by making Seeq available to their process engineers and analysts. These customers come from all sectors of the process industry, including Shell (oil and gas), Bristol Myer-Squibb (pharmaceuticals), ERCOT (T&D), Air Liquide (chemicals) and TasWater Utilities (water). Data cleansing, publishing, capturing and sharing knowledge among colleagues are just a few of the unique features Seeq offers for working with time series data. In addition, Seeq enables ad-hoc contextualization of PI data with SQL-based manufacturing applications such as batch and MES systems. When it comes to OSIsoft PI, regardless of your data analysis needs, Seeq can help you increase the value of your OSIsoft PI investment with faster insights without having to move, copy or change your data system. Seeq is an OSIsoft PI ISV partner.

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How can customers use the OSIsoft PI system and Seeq together?

Whether Seeq is deployed in the cloud or on-premise, it quickly connects to OSIsoft’s PI system data archives to provide a unified view of one or more PI systems. Seeq users can then cleanse PI system data, perform calculations and analyze it, including context from relational data sources such as MES, batch and other applications, to diagnose and predict problems and share their findings across the enterprise. Through real-time collaboration and deeper insights, Seeq ,enables companies to improve quality, availability and yield metrics.

Industry-leading performance and enterprise features, along with rich enterprise services, provide an unparalleled platform to support all types of analysis by engineers and analysts. Some of the most common scenarios for joint OSIsoft and Seeq customers include:

  • Ad-hoc exploration and investigation of equipment failures, yield optimization and energy consumption.
  • Collaboration and knowledge capture to promote reuse of analytics across plants
  • Report publishing – shift-by-shift, daily, regulatory – including scheduled PDF reports
  • Self-service data cleansing, aggregation, and calculations to build process models
  • Additional visualization options such as “capsule time”, “chain view” and scatterplot
  • Advanced analytics in Seeq functions for regression, frequency analysis and scripting

Seeq also integrates with all components of the PI system platform. This includes integration with Asset Framework (AF) for asset analysis and relative asset displays, as well as event frames and PI notifications. The combination of Seeq and the PI System combines an exceptional data infrastructure platform with innovative, advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions faster.

Easy Deployment

Easily connect, integrate, index, and cleanse data in Seeq, whether the PI system is in the cloud or on-premises. Seeq is scalable and searchable and grows with the needs of any organization.

Maximizing PI system investment

Seeq integrates seamlessly with PI System tools, including operationalizing Seeq insights into asset framework calculations, adding a robust layer of advanced analytics and important context to PI System data. Seeq Server runs in the customer’s IT environment or as a SaaS option via OSIsoft Cloud Services.

Predict, democratize, prevent

With reports and dashboards, Seeq enables users to perform root cause analysis, democratize those insights, and collaborate across the enterprise to determine the best course of action.

Seeq OSIsoft PI Werusys
PI VIsion Werusys OSIsoft Aveva Seeq

Advanced Analytics

Why is it happening?

Interactive application for process engineers to create process models, explore optimisation and remediation options and publish findings.

Situational Awareness

What is happening

Rich displays of real-time data that enable operations and process engineers to understand the state of the plant now and in the past.

The Werusys PI Vision Suite

Get the most out of your PI system

The Werusys PI Vision Suite expands your possibilities with the help of a wide range of new controls that are perfectly adapted to your needs. In addition, the PI Vision Suite allows you to embed Seeq analyses of any kind.

New opportunities

More than a dozen additional visualization options

Regular updates

Always up to date and ready to use for any PI Vision version

Embed Seeq analyses

Display analyses prepared in Seeq directly in PI Vision

First class support

Direct contact with PI System experts around the clock

What are the common workflows between PI and Seeq?

  • Engineers can scale Seeq analyses to assets with PI AF
  • Complex analyses in Seeq can be codified retrospectively with PI AF templates
  • Data cleaned in Seeq can be written back to the PI archive with PI AF data references
  • PI Event Frames can be used in Seeq analyses for specific time periods
  • Boundary excursions and predictions in Seeq can be linked to PI Notification