Seeq Connectors- All data in one place

The Werusys Seeq Connector Suite offers you the possibility to connect further time series based systems to Seeq. This further expands the already very extensive range of connectors natively available in Seeq. All developed connectors are Seeq certified and can be seamlessly integrated into your Seeq. Configuration is very easy via the Seeq Administrator interface.

Your favorite Datahistorian is not included? No problem! We develop it for you. So, which time series data do you want to analyze next in Seeq?

Werusys Seeq Connectors

InfluxDB is the Smart Data Platform for time series

For developers who want to create time series-based applications quickly and on a large scale. Using the Werusys InfluxDB connector for Seeq, all data can be seamlessly evaluated and further processed in Seeq.

Seeq to Influx Konnektor Werusys

Production data acquisition & reports for process optimization

First-class production data acquisition: With ACRON, you efficiently bring together all the data and information of your plants and thus form the basis for well-founded evaluation and analysis processes. The comprehensive range of functions enables you to analyze and optimize your plants and operational processes precisely, reliably and accurately. In addition, all evaluations and reports can be created with ACRON.

Acron Konnektor for Seeq Werusys

STEAG SRx Connector for Seeq

For more than 20 years, STEAG Energy Services GmbH has been developing and selling professional IT solutions for monitoring and optimizing power plants. One of these solutions is STEAG SR::x. The data management system SR::x is the central data archive of the STEAG SR product range.


AspenTech Inmation™ Connector for Seeq

AspenTech Inmation connects all your machines and technical components – digitally. This allows you to collect, cleanse, consolidate, contextualize and analyze data in a central platform – on premise or in the cloud. Let us develop a solution together that is tailored to your company’s success!

Seeq Plugin for Grafana – Dashboard anything. Observe everything.

Query, visualize, alert and understand your data no matter where it’s stored. With Grafana, you can create, explore and share all your data through beautiful, flexible dashboards. With the Seeq plugin for Grafana developed by Werusys, you can seamlessly add all analytics calculated in Seeq to your Grafana dashboards and benefit from a centralized visualization portal.

Seeq Grafana Connector by Werusys

Seeq Plugin for PI Vision – Embedding Seeq Analyses

The Werusys PI Vision Suite expands your possibilities with the help of a wide range of new controls that are perfectly adapted to your needs. In addition, the PI Vision Suite allows you to embed Seeq analyses of any kind.