Werusys Christmas party 2018 in Hamburg

Weihnachtsfeier 2018

For this year’s Werusys Christmas party there was something very special. At the end of the busy year 2018 we went to Hamburg, where we met our colleagues from Amitec and explored the city together.

We did a guided tour through the neighbourhood. There we got an insight into the red light district in St. Pauli and took a look behind the scenes of Europe’s biggest amusement district. After the guided tour we went to dinner at the EAST Hotel in the evening. With beautiful scenery we all enjoyed together a 3 course menu consisting of Sushi, beef fillet and as dessert sweet from the Patisserie. There we spent some nice hours and in the night we made the neighborhood unsafe and checked out some bars.

The next morning we went home again.

Many thanks to all who were there and many thanks for the nice evening. A Merry Christmas to all of you.