Werusys PI Vision Suite – Update 2024.1

WPVS 2024.1

Werusys PI Vision Suite – Update 2024.1

The Werusys PI Vision Suite is a powerful software that helps companies visualize and analyze their data. The new version 2024.1 introduces many improvements and new features that make working with PI Vision even more efficient and convenient.

With this version, you have even more tools and functions at your disposal to improve your data visualization and give you unprecedented control over your displays.

What’s new in Werusys PI Vision Suite 2024.1?

The latest version of Werusys PI Vision Suite, 2024.1, marks a significant advance in data visualization and analysis by introducing a number of innovative features and enhancements. This update includes powerful new tools such as the load duration curve symbol and watermark/GxP tool, enhanced export capabilities, and improved compatibility with PI Vision 2023 SP1, all of which combine to deliver a significantly streamlined and user-centric experience. A detailed description of all improvements and changes can be found in the release notes: Changelog 2024.1.


Export Tool

The export tool in the Werusys PI Vision Suite 2024.1 offers companies a number of advantages, especially in terms of data handling and distribution. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Flexibility in data usage: With the export tool, companies can export data in various formats, e.g. as an image, PDF, CSV or Excel. This enables flexible use of the data for different purposes, be it for presentations, reports, further analysis or data archiving.
  2. Easier data sharing: The ability to easily export and share data in common formats facilitates communication and collaboration both within the company and with external partners, customers or regulatory authorities.
  3. Improved reporting: Companies can create customized reports by exporting relevant data directly from the PI Vision environment. This contributes to more accurate and effective reporting.
  4. Support for decision-making: By exporting data for analysis, decision makers can make informed, data-driven decisions. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where complex data patterns need to be analyzed and interpreted.
  5. Customization to specific needs: The tool provides flexibility by allowing companies to export only the relevant data they need for their specific needs, rather than working with large, cluttered data sets.
  6. Time saving and efficiency: The ability to export data quickly and easily saves time and improves efficiency, especially when preparing documentation and analysis.

Overall, the export tool in the Werusys PI Vision Suite provides an important function to improve data accessibility and utilization, resulting in more efficient workflows, improved business decisions and more effective data communication.

Optimization of the compliance strategy with the GxP symbol in the Werusys PI Vision Suite

The GxP symbol in the Werusys PI Vision Suite 2024.1 offers several benefits for an organization’s governance strategy, especially in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or food production, where GxP (Good Practices) standards are critical. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Compliance with regulatory requirements: GxP guidelines are crucial for compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements. By labeling data or processes as GxP compliant, companies can ensure that they comply with the relevant regulations.
  2. Improved data integrity and quality: The GxP symbol helps to ensure the integrity and quality of data by providing a clear distinction between GxP and non-GxP data. This is important as GxP data is subject to stricter controls and audit trails.
  3. Risk management: By using the GxP symbol, an organization can better manage risk by ensuring that critical data and processes are handled according to GxP guidelines. This reduces the risk of compliance breaches and potential penalties.
  4. Improved audit capability: GxP compliance often requires detailed audit trails. By marking data or processes with the GxP symbol, organizations can more easily understand which data and activities need to be audited, making the audit process more efficient.
  5. Clarity and transparency: The symbol provides a visual and easy-to-understand method to quickly show team members and auditors which data and processes are GxP-compliant. This increases transparency within the organization and to external auditors.
  6. Supporting a culture of compliance: The implementation and use of such tools promotes a culture of compliance within the organization. This can help to increase the awareness and importance of GxP compliance in day-to-day operations.

Overall, the GxP icon in the Werusys PI Vision Suite is a valuable tool that helps organizations strengthen their governance strategy by facilitating compliance and improving risk management.

Werusys PI Vision Suite-GxP Symbol

Load duration symbol

The load duration curve icon in Werusys PI Vision Suite 2024.1 offers companies several advantages, especially when it comes to analyzing and visualizing energy or performance data. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Efficient visualization: The load duration curve symbol enables a clear and efficient display of performance data over a specific period of time. This helps to quickly identify patterns and trends in energy usage or machine performance.
  2. Optimization of energy management: By analyzing load duration curves, companies can identify areas where energy can be used more efficiently. This can lead to a reduction in energy costs and improved sustainability.
  3. Improved capacity planning: The load duration curve can be used to analyze the capacity utilization of plants and systems. Companies can better understand when and how their resources are being maximized, making it easier to plan for future capacity expansions or adjustments.
  4. Detection of anomalies: The tool can help to identify anomalies in the power distribution. For example, unusual spikes or dips in performance may indicate problems in the equipment or inefficient processes that need to be addressed.
  5. Improved decision making: With clear and meaningful visualizations of load duration curves, decision makers can make better-informed decisions about operations management, whether it’s related to energy savings, process optimization or investments in new technologies.
  6. Support for regulatory compliance: In some industries, load duration analysis can also help meet regulatory requirements, particularly with regard to energy efficiency and environmental impact.

In summary, the load duration curve symbol provides companies with a powerful tool to analyze and optimize their operations, reduce energy costs and support sustainable business practices.



PI Vision is a self-service dashboarding tool for contextual viewing, on-the-fly analysis, and secure sharing of your AVEVA PI system data – accessible anywhere and on any device. Aveva PI Vision is a web-based data visualization software designed for monitoring and analyzing process data in the manufacturing and process industries. With the PI system, you move from complex to simple, from plant and process insights to operational intelligence. The PI System’s highly scalable, open data infrastructure provides organizations with real-time functionality, enabling the transformation of operational data into actionable insights and business transformation. PI Vision offers the ability to add homegrown extensions to the controls already included. This is where we come in. We offer you add-ons for PI Vision that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. So you get the most out of your data.

The advantages of Aveva PI Vision are:

  • Real-time monitoring of process data
  • Easy configuration and use
  • User-friendly data visualization
  • Integration with other systems
  • Creation of overview and transparency in processes
  • Support for decision making through data analysis.
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Werusys PI Vision Suite

The Werusys PI Vision Suite

Get the most out of your PI system

The Werusys PI Vision Suite expands your possibilities with the help of a wide range of new and perfectly customized controls. In addition, the PI Vision Suite allows you to embed Seeq analyses of any kind.

New possibilities

More than a dozen additional visualization options

Regular updates

Always up to date and ready to use for any PI Vision version

Embedding Seeq analyses

Display analyses prepared in Seeq directly in PI Vision

First class support

Direct contact with PI System experts around the clock

Migration PI ProcessBook Displays to PI Vision

After more than 25 years, the OSIsoft PI ProcessBook, and with it one of the long-time leading faces of the PI system, is retiring. This paves the way for increased development of PI Vision. A lot has happened since the introduction of PI Process Book. Technology, mobility, scalability and collaboration have evolved beyond what PI ProcessBook can offer. OSIsoft has actively worked and invested in PI Vision to provide our customers with a next generation modern visualisation experience.

PIProcessBookEnergie Deutschland PI Vision

We recognize that advanced planning is critical to your operation. The PI ProcessBook will go through several phases when it is decommissioned, the first of which is listed below:

  • End of all sales: December 31, 2021
  • End of security updates: 12/31/2022
  • End of support: 12/31/2024

For more details on OSIsoft’s software and support delivery terms, please refer to the SLA and SRP documents you have signed.

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