Werusys Industrieinformatik Celebrates Double Win at Seeq RKO 2024

This January, amidst the sun-drenched horizon of Orlando, Florida, the Werusys Industrial Informatics team attended the Seeq Kickoff for 2024. Recognized for our relentless commitment to excellence and innovation, we not only showcased our expertise, but also took home prestigious awards that demonstrate our dedication to education, adoption and technological innovation.


Sustainability Changemaker

Nominated for the “Sustainability Changemaker” category, Werusys Industrieinformatik stands at the forefront of sustainable industrial practices. Our nomination reflects our dedication to creating solutions that are not only efficient and innovative but also responsible and sustainable. We understand that the future of industry lies in our ability to harmonize progress with planetary well-being, and this recognition only strengthens our resolve to continue driving meaningful change.

Triumph in Training & Adoption

At Werusys, we believe knowledge is the catalyst for growth. This belief was honored when we were awarded the “Training & Adoption” accolade, a recognition of our extensive efforts in delivering a staggering 35 Seeq courses, amounting to 284 hours of training delivery. Our training programs have consistently garnered excellent reviews, and our role in representing One Seeq across the EMEA region has been pivotal. We take pride in supporting the majority of Seeq’s Open training courses and offering our expertise to other Seeq Partners, fostering a culture of continuous learning and mastery.

Werusys PI Vision Suite

Leading with Technology Innovation

Our pioneering spirit was further celebrated with the “Technology Innovation Partner of the Year” award. This accolade was in recognition of our groundbreaking work in productizing multiple Seeq integrations. Our PI Vision Add On stands as a beacon of seamless connectivity between Seeq and PI Vision, now installed with more than 25 customers globally. The development of multiple connectors for data sources such as Inmation and ACRON is a testament to our commitment to providing versatile, cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Looking Ahead – Werusys and Seeq’s Continued Partnership

The journey does not end here. Werusys Industrieinformatik and Seeq’s partnership is set to scale new heights as we delve into the future with a shared vision of innovation and excellence. We are already exploring new territories with upcoming projects and integrations that promise to redefine the benchmarks of industrial informatics. Our commitment to empowering clients through advanced analytics and intelligent solutions remains our north star, guiding us towards a future ripe with possibilities.

Werusys and Seeq
Seeq Kickoff Award Werusys

Seeq and PI Vision

We offer various products for the AVEVA PI system. In addition to various services, this also includes our PI Vision Suite. With the help of the PI Vision Suite you get new PI Vision Controls or PI Vision Symbols, which can be installed directly in PI Vision and then easily inserted into the already existing PI system and can be created and configured like the standard models directly in the browser.

If the PI Vision Suite is not enough for you, we develop customized PI Vision Controls for you and add them to the PI Vision Suite.