What’s a Data Lake?

Or maybe more important. How can one of these drive my business forward?

A data lake is basically a huge collection of data. Especially in Industry 4.0 there is a huge amount of data. Sensors, linked IoT devices, and countless other data


sources produce it on a flowing conveyor belt. Mostly these data are unformatted and simply stored as they have just been captured. The data lake can thus be fed from various sources. The data can be structured or unstructured. If this data is needed at a later point in time, it is formatted and further processed in the data lake.

For a company, a data lake means that not every department stores its data for itself, but all departments store and evaluate their data together. External data sources can also be set up there, which also feed their data into the common data lake. This can include, for example, weather or market data.

DataLakeBut how do you get your data out of the large and confusing data lake? This is where we come in. Data Lake has stored all the necessary data and makes it available for analysis. With the help of our products and partners, you can easily keep track of your data and thus of your company. Be it our in-house Synergy Vision, the OSIsoft PI system or data analysis with Seeq. We help you get the most out of your data and create new insights.