Why should you move from PI Process Book to PI Vision?

There are several reasons why you should consider moving from PI ProcessBook to PI Vision:

  1. PI Vision is a modern web-based visualization tool that provides a more user-friendly and flexible interface than PI ProcessBook.
  2. PI Vision allows for better collaboration and data sharing, as it can be accessed by multiple users from different locations, whereas PI ProcessBook is limited to a single user on a single machine.
  3. PI Vision provides more advanced features, such as dynamic displays, interactive dashboards, and mobile accessibility, which are not available in PI ProcessBook.
  4. PI Vision is actively supported by OSIsoft, the company that develops the PI System, whereas PI ProcessBook is no longer being actively developed.

Overall, moving from PI ProcessBook to PI Vision can enhance your data visualization capabilities, increase collaboration and flexibility, and provide access to more advanced features.

Migration PI ProcessBook Displays to PI Vision

After more than 25 years, the OSIsoft PI ProcessBook, and with it one of the long-time leading faces of the PI system, is retiring. This paves the way for increased development of PI Vision. A lot has happened since the introduction of PI Process Book. Technology, mobility, scalability and collaboration have evolved beyond what PI ProcessBook can offer. OSIsoft has actively worked and invested in PI Vision to provide our customers with a next generation modern visualisation experience.

PIProcessBookEnergie Deutschland PI Vision

We recognize that advanced planning is critical to your operation. The PI ProcessBook will go through several phases as it is retired, the first of which is listed below:

  • End of all sales: Dec. 31, 2021
  • End of security updates: Dec. 31, 2022
  • End of support: 12/31/2024

For more details on OSIsoft’s software and support deployment terms, please refer to the SLA and SRP documents you signed.

The Werusys PI Vision Suite

Get the most out of your PI system

The Werusys PI Vision Suite expands your possibilities with the help of a wide range of new and perfectly customized controls. In addition, the PI Vision Suite allows you to embed Seeq analyses of any kind.

New possibilities

More than a dozen additional visualization options

Regular updates

Always up to date and ready to use for any PI Vision version

Embed Seeq analyses

Display analyses prepared in Seeq directly in PI Vision

First class support

Direct contact with PI System experts around the clock

PI Process Book

PI ProcessBook is a legacy desktop application developed by OSIsoft, the company behind the PI System, for creating interactive process graphics and trends. It allows users to visualize real-time and historical data from PI servers and other data sources, and build customized displays that can be used for monitoring, analysis, and reporting purposes. PI ProcessBook provides a drag-and-drop interface for adding various elements such as trends, value symbols, text, and images to create displays, and supports scripting for advanced customization. It has been widely used in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceuticals for over two decades, but has been largely superseded by newer visualization tools such as PI Vision, which provides a more modern and flexible web-based interface.

PI Vision

PI Vision is a web-based data visualization tool developed by OSIsoft, the company behind the PI System. It allows users to create interactive and customizable displays, dashboards, and reports using real-time and historical data from PI servers and other data sources. PI Vision provides a modern and user-friendly interface that can be accessed from any device with a web browser, and supports a wide range of data visualizations such as time-series trends, bar charts, pie charts, gauges, and tables. Users can also configure alarms, events, and annotations to highlight important information and trigger notifications. PI Vision allows for collaboration and sharing of displays and dashboards across teams and organizations, and provides tools for data exploration and analysis such as filtering, search, and drill-down. PI Vision is designed to be scalable, secure, and adaptable to different use cases and industries, and is continually evolving with new features and integrations.