General IT services

Software Engineering

The term software engineering stands for a methodology to create high quality software in an engineering manner, cost-effectively within a fixed budget and at a fixed time.

We offer software development as an engineering service. In doing so, we rely on a systematic model of software development, which is divided into four phases:

  • Analysis & Design
  • Specification
  • Implementation
  • Integration test

After the acceptance test at the customer, the productive operation of the developed product begins. Like any other technical product, the werusys software can be supported and maintained during its use within certain limits.


Project management

Project management organises project-related tasks centrally. The basis of cost-minimised projects is careful, reliable and sustainable project planning, which must happen in advance. In addition to deadline monitoring tailored to the individual project components, this also includes comprehensive technical system knowledge and the ability to optimally combine resources and personnel. It is especially important for us to be able to react flexibly to short-term changes.

werusys offers you modern agile project management. Agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban are characterised by the fact that comprehensive tasks are optimally broken down into individual processes and delegated to competent system specialists. In this way, the project is realised as a homogeneous workflow. Standardised aids and computer-supported tools are used, which are closely based on generally recognised quality assurance guidelines.

We live the principles and use various methods and techniques of agile software development such as Scrum.

Process management

Computer-controlled process control and automation

We take on the development of individual software for your problem, for example when it comes to controlling industrial processes or visualising and archiving process data.

Our applications run event-driven ( see Wikipedia entry) and are real-time capable. We develop in a multi-layer, service-oriented architecture based on Microsoft platforms.

Software quality assurance

Quality assurance and quality management are rightly becoming increasingly important in industry. There are various validation specifications for operating IT systems according to quality assurance standards. werusys offers you its own quality assurance concept, which has already been successfully used several times as the basis for validating GMP-compliant software (Good Manufacturing Practice, pharmaceutical standard).

Our own quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Database systems

Databases are an integral part of almost every application system today. In order to cope with the accumulating flood of data, increasingly complex algorithms and database structures are necessary.

When implementing database applications, Werusys takes into account the differentiated view of the user through web applications, multi-tier client/server applications up to the data warehouse.