energy:center –
System für Energiecontrolling
und Energiemanagement

SynergyVision MES –
Manufacturing Execution

SynergyVision LIMS –

dynamic:shift –

WatchIt –
Visualization of
process data

m:base –
alarm management

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werusys industrial information technology is a leading IT service provider in the field of production, information and management systems

The company was founded in 1995 by Kai Weber. From the beginning on, design, development and support of open IT infrastructure solutions have been at the core of the company’s activities.

A key product of our company is the production intelligence application SynergyVision. Its modules – depending on the expansion stage chosen – cover the functionality of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), of a laboratory information system (LIMS) and of an energy controlling/energy management system EnMS according to DIN EN 50001:2011; formerly 16001:2009. Read more

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Defined business objective and specialization of werusys industrial information technology is to electronically map production management processes. Our long lasting experiences in the areas of system analysis, system development and system operating for the process industry have made us become a competent point of contact for horizontal and vertical integration of IT structures in a company.

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We are aware of our economic responsibility and provide training. Since the foundation of our company in 1995, we have been training apprentices and students (Fachinformatik, MATSE) in IT apprenticeships and dual studies every year, which have been integrated into our company processes to a large extent.



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