PI Process Book Support ends

NPIProcessBookfter more than 25 years, the OSIsoft PI ProcessBook, one of the leading faces of the PI System, is retiring. This will pave the way for an increased further development of PI Vision. A lot has happened since the introduction of PI Process Book. Technology, mobility, scalability and collaboration have developed beyond what PI ProcessBook can offer. OSIsoft has actively worked on the development of PI Vision and has invested in PI Vision to provide our customers with a next-generation, state-of-the-art visualization experience. We recognize that advanced planning is critical to your business. The PI ProcessBook will go through several phases during its decommissioning, the first of which is listed below:

  • End of sale: 31. Dezember 2021
  • End of security updates: 31.12.2022
  • End of support: 31.12.2024

For more details on OSIsoft’s software and support delivery terms, please refer to the SLA and SRP documents you have signed. We are here to assist you in this transition.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Werusys team if you need additional resources to learn more about PI Vision and a migration schedule that makes sense for your organization.

Energie Deutschland PI VisionPI Vision 2020

COVID19 changed the way we work in a sustainable way. Remote working is more important than ever. It is essential that employees can check all relevant parameters remotely. This distribution of users over a multitude of environments is a big challenge for IT staff. With us and PI Vision 2020 we can master this challenge together with them.PI Vision Calc The newly released version of PI Vision is a more comprehensive and robust platform than ever before. It meets all visualization requirements of modern industries. The enhancements provide users with more tools to take control of their data and make decisions based on it. PI Vision 2020 makes it easier to monitor and build displays from any device and any location.

What is new?

  • On-the-fly-Calculations

PI Vision users can create their own quick calculations based on PI tags for troubleshooting without having to contact their PI administrator to perform formal analysis. For this purpose, a new calculation button appears in the left menu field. Werusys OSIsoft SeeqMore: PI Vision Calculations

  • Support of multiple time ranges in one display

Displays are no longer limited to a single time range! Monitor process status in the context of productivity over the last day, week or month – all in one convenient display.

  • Reports for Displays

PI Vision administrators can now quickly determine which displays offer the greatest benefit to their end users.

  • Kollaborative Displays
PI-Vision Screenshot

Downtime Management within PI Vision

Seamlessly share screens and collaborate across your organization. Just to name a few of the most important innovations. Plus nearly 20 enhancements to improve usability of trends and multistates, and enhancements to the PI ProcessBook to the PI Vision migration experience that make the transition easier than ever. We continue to offer you customized add-ons for your PI Vision system. Mehr dazu: PI Vision Controls

In today’s world, mobility counts more than ever before. That is why we are happy to support you in your efforts to replace PI Process Book.