I am writing this article deliberately in German because it is meant to directly address our “Best Customers in the World” the “Best Partners in the World” and of course our contemporaries and friends of Werusys of the last, almost 30 years. And no, it is not because there is no such nice pun of the title in English. But I would be very happy about attempts in the comments :-). 

Werusys was acquired two weeks ago by Amitec Germany GmbH (subsidiary of Amitec Norway-WEB-LINK) or as I like to put it, we merged. To make it clear right away, our portfolio, our innovative charisma and all the esprit will remain, because that was what tipped the scales in favor of a merger. The entire portfolio complements each other perfectly. As a natural scientist, I would say that our company has gone through a phase transition to a crystalline structure. I would speak of (weak) emergence because the atomic expertise in individual areas (data histories, data analytics, management systems and AI) can be described by a more general portfolio, the implementation of digitization, Industry 4.0, IoT or Smart Factory projects. We now have enough resources to map all levels of digitalization. Or I can say it contemporary in the style of Netflix and Amazon Prime. “The new season is out” and we expect another Emmy Award ;-).


In the past years, we were often told that we were the best partner for the development or the operational project, but that this could not be communicated to the purchasing department due to our size, but now things are different. As an IT company, we have arrived at a size that is considered large for an IT company on the one hand, but still has flat hierarchies on the other. I will personally continue to take responsibility for agile and high-quality administrative, development and project processes. At the same time, and this applies to the entire company, the entire workforce is made up of an excellent mix of young and older IT experts, engineers and scientists. So we are looking forward to the years to come :-).