werusys industrial information technology

Production-related IT infrastructure solutions

werusys industrial information technology is a leading IT service provider in the field of production, information and management systems.

The company was found in 1995 by Kai Weber. From the beginning on, design, development and support of open IT infrastructure solutions built the fundament of the company philosophy.

A key product of our company is the production software SynergyVision. Its modules – depending on the expansion stage chosen – cover the functionality of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), of a laboratory information system (LIMS) and of an energy controlling/energy management system EnMS according to DIN EN 50001:2011; formerly 16001:2009.


Werusys OSIsoft Seeq

We meet the high requirements of our clients by

employing qualified, certified and experienced professionals from engeneering and applied sciences fields, and also by offering apprenticeships to train IT specialists, application developers and system integrators ourselves.

Further education and professional training qualifies our employees in the sphere of competence for project management, system consulting, system development and system administration/business management (Microsoft, Linux, Lotus Notes).

OSIsoft PI System

As a leading official partner of OSIsoft (»System Integrator«) in Germany, we can support our customers in the integration of one of the most potent real-time infrastructures in global use – PI-System. Our core competence ranges from simple production monitoring to real-time business intelligence based on machine learning.

SEEQ Datenanalyse

Werusys and Seeq will work together as partners to provide advanced analytical solutions to their customers. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate digital transformation and to leverage the capabilities of advanced analytics. Seeq is an advanced analysis solution for process manufacturing data. With Seeq, you and your team can work together to analyze data and publish findings from OSIsoft PI, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy and other historians. By leveraging the latest innovations in large data sets and machine learning technologies, Seeq makes any type of analysis faster and easier.

Clients and partners

Our client base consists of leading companies in the branches of the polymeric industry, steel industry, chemical industry and power generation. We like to look back at a long line of successfully achieved national and international projects, throughout all phases of the project lifecycle (from the preliminary study to the system integration and operation). Therefore we can now offer complex solutions from one source. Based on the results of our daily work, we could consistently develop products, and alternatively improve existing ones to position them according to the current state of technology.

We work as a system integrator for various partners and their products. As a PI and RLINK Integration Partner of OSI Software, we are able to implement and maintain client specific integration of OSI products. Furthermore we are a member of the Microsoft Developer Network and a Oracle Value Added Partner.

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