Another Seeq-certified trainer in Norway and the importance of expert training

Werusys Industrieinformatik and Amitec, frontrunner in providing cutting-edge analytics solutions, have recently achieved a new milestone. The companies proudly announce the certification of another Seeq Instructor in Norway, bolstering its already robust team of Seeq experts. This accomplishment not only signifies Werusys’ commitment to excellence but also reinforces its position as a leader in the realm of industrial data analytic

Congratulations to Emil Thune!

Emil Thune Seeq Instructor 2024
Werusys and Seeq

The Journey to Certification

Becoming a Seeq certified instructor is a rigorous process, ensuring that only the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals earn the title. The journey begins with shadowing and supporting experienced instructors, followed by progressively taking charge of various sections of a training course. This gradual immersion allows the aspirants to thoroughly understand the nuances of the Seeq tool. The final stage, a fully conducted Seeq training course, is the ultimate test of their expertise, assessed by seasoned Seeq Engineers. The certification of our new instructor in Norway is a testament to their dedication and deep understanding of Seeq’s capabilities.

The Significance of Training in Seeq

In a world increasingly driven by data, the importance of training in tools like Seeq cannot be overstated. Seeq enables businesses to harness the power of their data, providing insights that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. Training is the cornerstone of mastering such a sophisticated tool. It equips professionals with the necessary skills to extract valuable insights from complex data sets, fostering data-driven decision-making processes.

Werusys Chemicals Industry

Strengthening Company Governance with Seeq Expertise

Our focus on training and certifying instructors in Seeq goes beyond individual skill enhancement. It is a strategic move that strengthens the company’s governance around Seeq. By building a team of certified instructors, Amitec and Werusys ensure that their clients receive not only the best software solutions but also the knowledge and support to use them effectively. This approach enhances client satisfaction and builds long-term relationships based on trust and excellence.

Recognition of Excellence: The Seeq Training and Adoption Award

Our commitment to excellence in Seeq training has not gone unnoticed. The company recently won the “Seeq Training and Adoption Award” at the Seeq kickoff meeting in Orlando. This prestigious award highlights our significant contribution to Seeq education, having delivered an impressive 35 Seeq courses, totaling 284 hours of training. The award also acknowledges the company’s role in representing One Seeq across the EMEA region, providing exceptional training and support to other Seeq partners.

Seeq Kickoff Award Werusys


Accelerated Insights, Improved Outcomes

In the current hype around predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science, what’s missing are solutions to the real challenges to an analytics-driven organization. Tapping the expertise of your current employees. Support for collaboration and knowledge capture to foster sharing and reuse of analytics efforts. And the ability to rapidly distribute insights to the people who need them to quickly improve outcomes.

Intuitive. Visual. Innovative.

Seeq is the first application dedicated to process data analytics. Search your data, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor assets, collaborate in real time, and interact with time series data like never before.

Fast. Flexible. Collaborative.

Whatever your process historian or operational data system of record – the AVEVA® PI System®, Honeywell’s Uniformance® PHD, Emerson DeltaV and Ovation, Inductive Automation’s Ignition, AspenTech IP.21, Wonderware, GE Proficy or any other – Seeq can connect and get you working in minutes.


We are delighted that Werusys GmbH & Co. KG is the first partner to present an officially certified Seeq trainer. With the official certification, we can now support Seeq in meeting the high demand for training in Germany and Europe. This enables Werusys to conduct Seeq trainings and to train and certify other teams. In this way, Werusys can now prove not only its technical suitability to analyze data for customers, but also its ability to pass on the use of the Seeq tool to customers.

To book a Seeq training course, please call us or send us an e-mail. Seeq training courses can be held both on-site and remotely.

  • Seeq Bootcamp (German/English): 1 x 3h
  • Seeq Foundations Training (German/English): 3 x 3h
  • Seeq Advanced Training (German/English): 3 x 3h
  • Seeq Admin Training (German/English): 1 x 3h
  • Seeq Data Lab Training (German/English): 1 x 3h