Timeseer.AI Continues to Advance Digital Transformation & Expand Its Network by Partnering with Werusys

Antwerp, Belgium 2024: To advance digital transformation in the German, Austrian, and Swiss regions and to expand its network, Timeseer.AI has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Werusys Industrieinformatik.

Timeseer.AI is an OT/IoT data software company established to address the data quality challenges of OT/IoT data. This data is at the heart of all data driven solutions in the industry, whether that be reporting, AI/ML, or digital twin solutions in the industry. Werusys is a key partner for various industries with expertise from data generation in the AVEVA PI system to extracting insights through Seeq and advanced analytics.

More specifically, this collaboration will allow Werusys’ customers to embed Timeseer.AI’s solution into their data architecture to ensure higher data quality for improved data-driven insights.

Werusys Timeseer Partner

Timeseer.AI is our guarantee of the reliability and quality of our or our clients’ underlying data to ensure high accuracy of results, avoidance of bias and good model performance. This includes the assessment of various quality metrics, including variance drift, broken correlations, stale data, missing values, persistent anomalies and IQR anomalies. We are pleased to offer our customers another building block in their digitization pyramid.

Kai WeberKai Weber, Werusys Industrieinformatik

Partnering with Werusys will provide acceleration for data-driven customers within Germany, Austria and Switzerland by adding Timeseer as a key enabler in their variety of sensor data products.  It will provide the customers with an end-to-end solution ensuring the sensor data is of better quality and ready to be consumed.  Werusys is a key partner already for many leading companies within their region, which will enable customers to benefit quickly from the added value Timeseer.AI brings.

Nils Verheijen, Timeseer Ai

About Werusys

Werusys Industrieinformatik is a leading IT service provider in the field of production, information, and management systems. From the beginning, the conception, development, and support of open IT infrastructure solutions formed the foundation of the company’s philosophy. The company manages varied projects for exciting and innovative clients throughout Germany and Europe and occupies future topics such as Production Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Energy Management and Cloud Computing.


About Timeseer.AI

With more than 150 human-years of relevant time-series data experience and over 100+ sensor data quality checks, Timeseer.AI understands the complexity to turn raw OT/IoT data into high quality, reliable data. Their software does the heavy lifting, empowering data teams to detect, analyze, and fix data quality issues before these significantly impact operations and critical business decisions.

Learn more at https://www.timeseer.ai/.