Werusys STEAG SRx Connector to Seeq

Werusys Steag srx Seeq ConnectorSTEAG Energy Services GmbH has been developing and selling professional IT solutions for monitoring and optimising power plants for more than 20 years. One of these solutions is STEAG SR::x. The data management system SR::x is the central data archive of the STEAG SR product range.

The Werusys STEAG SRx Connector enables the coupling of the SR::x system to the Seeq data analysis platform. Installation and configuration of the connector require little time, even when connecting multiple SR::x systems. The parameters configured in SR::x can be easily searched and their data displayed for deeper analysis and machine learning. The connector is seamlessly integrated into Seeq and enables the contextualisation of SR::x data with values from other historians (e.g. OSISoft PI, GE Proficy, Honeywell PHD).


Werusys Steag Seeq ConnectorBy leveraging the latest innovations in big data processing and machine learning technologies, Seeq simplifies traditional data analysis processes. The result is shorter times between investigation, decision-making and impact, and predictive analytics to address problems before they occur. Seeq’s publishing and collaboration capabilities give employees across the organisation access to the insights they need to continuously improve quality, productivity and asset availability.

Werusys Seeq Steag Connector



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