Sankey Diagram in PI Vision

The Werusys Sankey symbol can be used to display aggregated values in a diagram where the width of the link is proportional to the size of the value. Sankey diagrams are important tools for visualizing energy and material flows as well as inefficiencies and potential savings in the use of resources. These are often material flows in a process or energy consumption in a company. This gives the user the opportunity to get a quick overview of flows within his company.

The visualization by the Sankey symbol makes it possible to easily identify large flows within a company or process: They are useful to identify large contributions in an overall flow.

Werusys PI Vision - Sankey Diagram

The Sankey diagram is configured very easily via AF and all displayed values are aggregated over the time period selected in PI Vision.

Werusys - Sankey Config
Werusys PI Vision Suite

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