Renewable Energy in a flexible Energy Infrastructure

The key concept of the energy transition and the use of 100% renewable energies is the so-called sector coupling. Compared with energy storage in the form of electricity, the balance between generation and consumption through load shifting is much cheaper and more efficient.


ES-FLEX-INFRA enables utilities and service providers to manage load transfers by integrating energy storage in an industrial and urban infrastructure. ES-FLEX-INFRA is a cross-energy management system that has been integrated into a software tool as a joint product of RNG, Fraunhofer SCAI of the TH Cologne and Werusys Industrieinformatik to integrate the complex physical models and practical mathematical methods of the individual energy sectors into a software tool Optimization solution Network planner supported in the design and operation of plants for conversion, locations and storage.

We are pleased that we were able to achieve the qualification for the Industriepreis 2018 right away with the concept and hope to be able to use the results of the master thesis of our employee Joram Stiel successfully.