Die Zukunft der Prozessfertigungsanalytik auf dem Seeq- und Werusys-Event in Köln

COLOGNE, GERMANY — Seeq, a leading provider of advanced analytics for the process manufacturing industry, and Werusys, a prominent Industry 4.0 solutions provider, co-hosted a landmark event in Cologne, creating a confluence of industry thought leaders and top companies to discuss transformative solutions for the process manufacturing industry’s complex challenges.

Werusys and Seeq

The event opened with a warm welcome from Niklas Strohecker, Enterprise Sales Executive, EMEA, Seeq, followed by a keynote address by George Skaryak, the Chief Revenue Officer of Seeq. Throughout the day, attendees heard from numerous thought leaders. Martin Wolf of Covestro, Fabian Schlieck of Uniper, Robert Feldmann of Microsoft, Morgan Bowling of Seeq, Christian Witzke of Cargill, Dr. Melanie Perchthaler of Kuraray, Hans-Otto Weinhold of AVEVA GmbH, and Chris Hamlin of Seeq, shared valuable insights from their respective areas of expertise.

Seeq George Skaryak

A significant highlight of the event was the session titled “Extending Seeq’s Capabilities with Integrations” delivered by Julian Weber and Thorsten Vogt, both Senior Data Analytics Engineers from Werusys. The experts explored how Seeq’s powerful analytical tools, combined with integrations, can augment industrial data analytics and spur digital transformation.

A key focus was the synergy between Seeq and PI Vision, demonstrating how they complement each other to provide an unparalleled, seamless experience for users. This combination amplifies the strengths of each tool, with Seeq’s capabilities for in-depth trend and pattern analysis, and PI Vision’s intuitive visual interface for real-time operational data, together delivering an enhanced, holistic view of processes. This enables rapid decision-making and adds significant value to organizations in the process manufacturing industry.

The event concluded with a networking session, enabling attendees to share insights and build connections within the industry. This collaborative event by Seeq and Werusys successfully underscored the potential of advanced analytics in driving industry 4.0 and shaping the future of the process manufacturing industry.

Seeq Werusys Event Zuschauer

Werusys und Seeq

A significant spotlight was placed on the partnership between Werusys and Seeq, marking an impactful milestone in the industry. Werusys has been selected as a member of Seeq’s Partner Advisory Council, a consortium composed of distinguished and diverse partners. This council was formed to collaborate and advise on best practices that will enable Seeq to continue delivering the highest possible value to its partners and customers.

“Seeq’s Partner Advisory Council will bring together a distinguished and diverse group of partners to collaborate and advise on best practices to help Seeq continue to deliver the highest possible value to its partners and customers,” announced Seeq officially.

Werusys boasts a Seeq expert team consisting of 6 Seeq Partner Analytics Engineers and 4 Seeq Instructors, enabling Werusys to support its customers in German, English, Norwegian, and Spanish. This partnership underscores the shared commitment of Werusys and Seeq to propel the process manufacturing industry forward through advanced data analytics and digital transformation.


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Werusys PI Vision Suite

Die Werusys PI Vision Suite

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