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Industry 4.0, quality assurance, predictive maintenance all requirements of our industrial customers to Werusys. The artificial generation of knowledge from experience sets new standards for expertise in information theory and the use of tools. The cooperation with universities and research institutions provides our company with the necessary knowledge and the partnership with Seeq gives us a tool with which we are able to bring PS onto the road. Further information about our cooperation with Seeq can be found here.

Seeq Werusys

Seeq und Werusys

On the way to certification, we took part in a Seeq training course in Frankfurt last week. Even in the run-up to the certification, we were able to transfer the requirements of our customers, which were previously only available “offline” on the basis of statistics packages, into a real-time analysis and monitoring of product quality. Open questions could be successfully converted into solutions in the workshop. The ability to directly apply our complex mathematical and statistical models to the raw data gives our data analysts the opportunity to generate a high visibility of the solutions.
In the workshop, a wide range of possible applications were presented and exemplarily implemented. The pivotal point are the so-called capsules. Evaluation units through which the operator can express and process results and states.

This can be, for example, the prediction of the failure of a plant component. In the following figure, the prediction is calculated on the basis of a linear machine learning model.

Seeq Werusys

Predictive Maintenance

Another example is the search for patterns, such as golden batches or outturn patterns.

Another important aspect for our team was the combination of heterogeneous data sets. This enabled us to mix maintenance data, alarm data with production data and to work out and document statements about the origin of alarm floods or production samples.

If this article aroused your interest, we would be happy to solve new challenges and requirements or to convince all interested parties of our approach and Seeq in a proof of concept.

Beispiel: Golden Batch

Further information on our Seeq range can be found here.