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Advanced Analytics Workshop

Last Wednesday, 31.10.2019, we participated as Seeq partner in the Advanced Analytics Workshop in Frankfurt. The participants met to talk about their experiences and accelerate the speed at which they gain new insights from their data.  Throughout the day we were able to talk to other partners and customers about exciting new challenges in digitization and industry 4.0. Interesting use cases were presented, which further help us to better understand the problems of our customers and to be able to solve them better.

With the help of Seeq and our data analysts from Werusys it is possible to solve all these and other problems for your company. Seeq applications enable the entire lifecycle of advanced analytics, from the initial connection to data to insights into improving business and production results. The new Seeq Data Lab, with which you can connect your own Python code to Seeq data, contributes to this.